Wednesday, April 16, 2014

026 - Karen Drucker and the Power of Positive Music

Karen Drucker interview, the Power of Positive MusicReady to have your spirits lifted? That's what you'll get from this interview with musician, speaker and author Karen Drucker.

Since the late '90s Karen has been an influential force in a niche that's often referred to as "positive music." Her songs are performed in spiritual centers and personal development conferences around the world.

In this fun, fast-paced interview Karen talks about:
  • How she got into the positive music niche almost by accident
  • The importance of "showing up"
  • How she overcomes the "perfection curse"
  • The profound effect her healing music has had on her and her fans
  • Her inspiring view of the role that positive music plays in the world
  • What she thinks of mistakes and divine order

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Show notes and links:
Karen Drucker's main website
Karen's music albums
Karen's "Let Go of the Shore" book
Creative Mind and Success by Ernest Holmes

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  1. Bob I watch a lot of these interviews that you do with different people in the music business and other creative Men & Women. Just watched the one you did with Karen Drucker one word great ! Going to her website to find out more about her and her music where and when other things are going on retreats books etc. Thanks Again Nancy Oblea.