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For a couple of years The DIY Career Manifesto sat on a back burner list of titles I would hopefully get around to "some day." I finally decided to move the project to Priority Status.

I've always taken the unconventional approach with my own DIY Career, and what I'm doing with this book is no exception.

I chose not to write it in seclusion for many months and finally come out with a full-blown, perfect book (like the traditional publishing model). Instead, I rolled it out in waves.

Once I had written the first several thousand words, I made a PDF freely available to anyone who wanted an early version of the book. This allowed me to start getting feedback on it.

In fact, you can still get a copy of that free sample here ...

After that I added more content to the book and published a beefier for-sale ebook version in the Amazon Kindle Store. You can now purchase that in 13 different countries:

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, India, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, the Netherlands.

I also recorded and published an audiobook version of The DIY Career Manifesto.

You can listen to a sample and purchase it on Amazon, Audible, and the iTunes Store.

Eventually, I hope to expand and refine it further and publish a longer paperback edition.

The book highlights a lot of milestones from my own unconventional DIY Career journey as it spells out the principles that have lead to my success as a self-employed, home-based entrepreneur.

I hope it inspires you to make a living by making a difference using the talents and know-how that are uniquely you!


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