Friday, November 15, 2013

015 - Robbi Firestone, Spirit Capture Portrait Artist - The Creative Entrepreneur

Robbi Firestone, Spirit Capture Portrait ArtistThis episode features an interview with Robbi Firestone, a painter and portrait artist who specializes in "Spirit Capture Portraits."

If I gave out an award for Most Animated Guest, Robbi would win it hands down. As you'll see, she is full of life and wisdom as she shares her journey of being an actor, singer and visual artist who has lived in New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Santa Fe.

In this interview, Robbi also reveals:
  • Why taking the nontraditional path has worked for her
  • What qualities to look for when collaborating with other creatives
  • The brilliant thing she did to make a splash in a brand new city
  • What Robbi does to build her courage and overcome the "I'm no good as an artist" syndrome
  • The importance of mastermind groups, accountability partners, and doing your homework
  • How a personal mission statement keeps her focused

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