Thursday, February 13, 2014

020 - Derek Sivers on How to Get Anything You Want - The Creative Entrepreneur

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Derek Sivers interview, CD Baby, TED TalkDerek Sivers is a true creative entrepreneur. In his rich life he has been many things: musician, circus clown, programmer, writer, entrepreneur, and student. In 1998 he founded CD Baby, which became the largest seller of independent music online, paying hundreds of millions of dollars to indie artists.

In this interview Derek shares a wide range of wisdom, including:
  • The surprising thing that happened right before his "How to Start a Movement" TED Talk (and what Peter Gabriel had to say about it)
  • Two important things you should do early in your creative career that made all the difference in his life
  • Derek's unique view of failure
  • His insightful views on fame vs fortune and what really motivates him
  • The pros and cons of world travel and living overseas
  • What he thinks Dale Carnegie's famous book should have been called

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Show notes and links:
Derek's main website
Derek's TED Talks
Wood Egg Entrepreneur Guides to Asia
"How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie
Derek's "Anything You Want" book
The DIY Career Manifesto on Amazon

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  1. Sammy Davis Jr. used the same approach as Derek in order to accomplish becoming a star in show bizzz.... He went for an audition, where the part asked for an African American Cowboy who could ride a horse. Although, he had never ridden a horse, he took the shot and said that he could... so after falling off of the horse six or seven times, he finally learned how to stay on it and he got the part...

    1. Great example! Sammy Davis Jr. and Derek Sivers. What a pair :)

  2. What an awesome interview. Derek is an inspiration to me.

  3. True, you gotta get out a interact with real people :) Glad you enjoyed it, Theo!

  4. Derek's enthusiasm punctuated by his piercing blue eyes really make this interview. Great work, Bob!
    Gary Johnston