Wednesday, February 19, 2014

021 - Jack Conte on Pomplamoose, Patreon, YouTube and Failure - The Creative Entrepreneur

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Jack Conte Pomplamoose, Patreon, YouTubeJack Conte has become a leading voice for independent musicians who are making a living and making a difference in the digital era. He is best know for the musical duo Pomplamoose, which he co-creates with his partner Nataly Dawn. In 2013 he founded Patreon, a new concept in crowdfunding that has a lot of people talking.

In this wide-ranging interview Jack has a lot to say about:
  • YouTube and the massive role it played in his success
  • How he earns more than $7,000 for every free music video he puts out
  • His surprising view of failure and trying new things
  • What he means by "Acting before you are ready"
  • The "mental poison" he had to overcome years ago
  • How "Sesame Street" helped Pomplamoose create viral YouTube videos

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Show notes and links:
The Patreon micro crowd-funding site
Pomplamoose Music YouTube channel
Pomplamoose on StageIt
"The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell
The DIY Career Manifesto on Amazon

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  1. Whoa Bob - you're knocking it out of the ballpark every time!

    I'm forwarding this to my improv students.

    While living in South Africa I was sent around the country by a Mechanical Rights organization to hold seminars for African musicians to help them make a living with their music. This subject has always been dear to me. If you are in music you are also in business and that is something that escapes many musicians until they tire of bad gigs or having difficulty supporting a family etc.

  2. Awesome Interview with Jack Conte! Thanks for sharing ideas and inspiration!