Wednesday, October 30, 2013

014 - Cari Cole, Finding Your Authentic Voice - The Creative Entrepreneur

Cari Cole, vocal coach, artist developmentThis episode features Cari Cole, a New York City-based vocal coach and artist development expert. A big part of Cari's mission is to help artists find what she calls their "authentic voice" - which goes a lot deeper than simply learning to sing well.

In this interview, Cari reveals:
  • How she ended up working with Don Miguel Ruiz to create Circle of Fire, an album inspired by The Four Agreements
  • The importance of recognizing opportunity
  • Why you shouldn't force the grand design of your business and life
  • How Cari helps people step into their genius
  • The role that courage and work ethic play in entrepreneurial success
  • How you can get into trouble when you make assumptions

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Please excuse the audio quality. I did my best to reduce the hiss and maintain clarity.

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Episode show notes and links:
Cari Cole's main website
"The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz
"Circle of Fire" by Cari Cole

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