Thursday, May 8, 2014

029 - Michael Gebben: How a Wedding Videographer Became an International Motivator

Michael Gebben interview, Richard BransonHow do you go from being a guy who shoots wedding videos in Alton, Illinois, to hanging out with Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss?

Well, that's what Michael Gebben has done - and he's still in his 20s! It helps that he has a positive attitude and an electric personality. In fact, he now uses those qualities to inspire others to reach their greatest potential.

In this engaging interview Michael reveals:
  • The roles that supportive parents and toxic people have in your life
  • His definition of "possibility thinking"
  • How he dealt with a frustrating period of overwhelm with his video business
  • Mistakes he made spending money on the wrong things
  • The amazing story of how he ended up working with Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss
  • The pros and cons of mentors and "modeling" successful people

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Show notes and links:

Michael Gebben's YouTube channel
Michael's "Gebbs Juice" audio podcast
The Tony Robbins video that Michael shot
Michael's video site
Michael Gebben on Facebook
"The 4-Hour Workweek" by Tim Ferriss

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