Wednesday, March 5, 2014

022 - Phil Johnson: Making a Living From Music, Comedy, Teaching and More

Phil Johnson: Music, ComedyPhil Johnson leads a fascinating life. For 20 years he's been making a living from a combination of music, comedy, teaching, voice-over work, and more.

For him, success is all about variety and multiple streams of creative income.

In this engaging conversation Phil spills the beans on:
  • How a cubicle inspired him to work for himself
  • The important role that teaching plays in his business model
  • The $10,000 mistake he made
  • Why he wishes he would have started doing comedy earlier
  • The book that changed his life that he doesn't want you to read

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Show notes and links:
Phil Johnson's main comedy and music website
Phil's site
"Multiple Streams of Income" by Robert Allen
"The DIY Career Manifesto" on Amazon

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