Wednesday, September 18, 2013

010 - Full-Time Painter & Visual Artist Tom Fedro - The Creative Entrepreneur

Tom Fedro, Full-Time Painter & Visual ArtistThis episode features Tom Fedro, a Chicago area visual artist who has been making a living at his craft since 2001. In addition to having a vibrant and colorful style, Tom is a prolific artist who cranks out several new pieces every week and sells as many as 350 paintings a year - that's nearly one sale every day!

In this interview Tom shares:
  • The unexpected way he became a paid visual artist in the first place
  • How he became one of the top-selling artists on Ebay
  • The mindset that allows him to be comfortable with sales and marketing
  • How he prices his artwork (a challenge for every visual artist)
  • What types of canvases he uses, how he ships his work, and what companies he prefers
  • How he dealt with a major sales slump six years ago and overcame it

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Episode 010 show notes and links:
Tom Fedro's Fido Studio website
Tom's Etsy store
Tom's portfolio on EBSQ
Tom's YouTube channel
"Job: A Comedy of Justice" by Robert A. Heinlein

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