Friday, June 21, 2013

Discover the Big Career Shift That Inspired This Website

What to know the details behind the big career shift that lead to the creation of this site, book, and interview series? I tell all on this episode of my long-running Artist Empowerment Radio podcast.

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I'll be honest. What I reveal on this episode is scary for me. But it's something I need to do that I think you can learn from.

Admit it. Change can be frightening. Even when you're self-employed and call your own shots. You can easily get stuck in the comfort zone of what you're used to. What you're known for. What's expected of you.

Just last month, a growing sense of stagnation I've felt for a while, combined with a desire to expand into something fresh and exciting, came to a head. In the weeks since then I've been working behind the scenes on this brand new venture.

Listen as I bare my soul and explain how it all came about.

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